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Kroscko is a relatively new nation. Founded in April of 2006 as "Kruusland", it became inactive after the July 2006 elections, only to be revived as its current state in December.

Region: Liberalia
Motto: "Through Union There Is Strength"
Map: No Map
Language|Official Language(s): English
Capital: Fed. District of Kroscko
Population: 299 million
Currency: Liber
Leader: Mr. K P Douglas
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

[edit] Form of Government

Kroscko maintains a federal, parliamentary, social democratic republic where all citizens can contribute directly in the democratic process. Universal, non-compulsory voting from the age of 18 has been an institution since the founding of the nation, and voter turnout is often high.

There are four branches of government:

  • The Executive Branch
  • The Legislative Branch
  • The Judicial Branch
  • The Advocative Branch

[edit] The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is composed of the Chancellor and his or her Cabinet. The Chancellor is chosen by members of the Federal Council on the first vote of its session, and his or her Cabinet is chosen by the Chancellor, who may or may not be Members of Parliament. The Cabinet, however, is usually not composed of by Members of Parliament, and are usually from think tanks or experienced leaders in their field.

The Chancellor is the source of all legislation, and no other Member of Parliament may create legislation without his or her consent. However, in order to create legislation, the Prime Minister usually asks for permission from his Cabinet, who is allowed to disagree and provide changes or even scrap the bill completely.

The Chancellor is usually the leader of the most populous party in the Federal Council--the sole chamber of Parliament--but must relinquish his or her party ties on becoming Chancellor. This is, however, a mere formality, and the Chancellor and his or her party often make contacts between each other. The most important part of this rule, however, is that the Chancellor can not campaign with a member of his of her party.

[edit] The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is composed of the Federal Council and the Chancellor. The names of the Federal Council and Parliament are often considered interchangeable, but this would be considered incorrect as the Chancellor is also the Head of State and a member of the Executive Branch, and not the Legislative Branch--therefore, because there are really two branches in Parliament, Parliament can be considered a grouping of two branches and not just one.

Parliament has a concept of Parliamentary Supremacy where the Parliament is the highest source of legitimacy in the nation. It may overturn a Supreme Court decision, but this in turn can be reversed by a referendum of the Advocative Branch.

More to come...

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